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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer "Dry- Finnish style" sauna's?
how long will it take to ship to San Diego, CA 92064
How hot do your traditional Saunas get?
What warranties do you have?

Other - Saunas

Canceling or Returning a Sauna or other item.

Infrared Sauna FAQ

How is an Infrared Sauna typically used?
What are the Health Benefits associated with using an Infrared Sauna?
How is an infrared sauna better than a traditional Sauna?
Where do I install the infrared sauna?
How long does it take to assemble an infrared sauna?
How should walls be prepared for a Pre-Cut Sauna to be installed?
Is the infrared light or heat dangerous?
As Seen on Oprah
Why do outdoor saunas have different heating systems than indoor saunas? For example, infrared indoor saunas versus outdoor saunas that have heaters with rocks.
Can an infrared sauna be placed on a covered back porch?
What's the max temp of an infrared sauna

Traditional Hot Rock Sauna FAQ

Ordering a Hot Rock Sauna: Pre-built, Pre-cut, Outdoor, Custom.
What is the energy cost to use a traditional sauna.
How will Hot Rock Sauna be packaged, shipped and delivered?
Hot Rock Sauna Warranty

Customer Product Questions

Does the Solstice ship as one individual unit, or is it broken down for set up. Just wondering about moving into building as one unit or in sections. Thanks.
Can I install this sauna outdoor?
Hello What is the life of the fireplace? Jo
How difficult is this product to install or build???
Which back side of a corner model does the plug come from. We're building and would like to know where to put the electric outlet. We're looking at the 3/4 person red cedar carbon fiber corner unit. Thank you.
Are there different health benefits from Hemlock or Red Cedar construction?
Can you please give us the measurements of the slants and the door. I realize it is 53inches by 53 inches but as it comes across what are the rest of the measurements? Thanks
Can I place this in a room in my basement that has carpet? Thanks.
I am interested in a 2 person infrared sauna that is 110v driven and can be placed on a covered outside porch. Temperatures from below zero to 90. What do you suggest
(1) Most pre-fab kits require vinyl or concrete (waterproof) flooring. Because this is portable, assume waterproof layer under wood layer of flooring? Please describe. (2) What is the brand of heater included? Is it a Tylo?
what size heater recommended
What kind of electricity do you need for this four man sauna? Would it require extra electrical cost and electrician? Can someone come and install this unit in my apt? Thank you
I am interested in the 3-4 person corner unit. With the wall thickness at 6mm and inner frame at 1.16" I am concerned about how strong the walls are if you lean against them. Also how do the walls attach to each other during assembly? I live in Eugene Oregon where can I view one of these units?
If I ordered one of these units, about how long wll it take until it arrives?
Hi, Does this sauna operate or regular 110 voltage? Thx
difference between ceramic and carbon fiber, which is better? thanks
What is the highest temperature that this sauna can acheive and is this also a wet sauna?
Is this considered an infrared sauna? I am looking for a Finnish-type sauna. Please advise.
What is the height of the 4 person infrared red cedar unit?
Are sauna rocks included in the package?
I'd like to put this on top of my deck. What is done for a base floor? Does it need to sit on poured concrete?
are these for inside use or outdoors?
On the 1 person corner unit, how long is the bench? How far from the walls must the sauna be placed? Must it sit on a fire resistant surface?
Does this Sauna come in the darker stain? This is the one we want but we would much rather prefer the darker stain (similar to 2-3 Person (B) Corner Infared). Let us know. Thank you! Michelle
Doe it have FAR infrared heaters? What does Tech means when it talks about the heaters?
Does this sauna require a water supply and drain to the sauna enclosure?
Do you have infrared saunas that can be kept in back yard outside? In Canada
what is the emf emitted from this sauna thank you
Which saunas have chromotherapy, multi color changing lights?
What exactly does the "Color Therapy" lighting mean? What is the benefit of having this feature in the Infrared Sauna?
can the sauna be installed on a carpeted floor in a bedroom.
Is this unit suitable both indoors and out?
I'm looking to purchase this saune "2-3 Person (B) Corner Carbon Fiber" I would like to verify that it is 110 volts 15 amps. plesae let me know ASAP. thank you.
is a am/fm/cd radio included
Hello, I have some questions regarding your "2 person (c) carbon fiber" sauna. 1) Can you tell me what the EMF's are for this unit? 2) Where is the sauna manufactured? 3) Do you offer customer support in the event there are questions/difficulties during assembly? Thank you, T
Is this a FAR infrared heater?
how is this unit assembeled screws clips ?
what is the length of the benches, and will it use only as much energy as a toaster? does it come with color light therapy?
I would like to install this outside my bedroom on deck. Can it be done or do you make exterior infrared for 4 or 5 persons?
The description, wattage and schematic indicate that this unit has 10 heaters. However from the pictures it looks like the same heater configuration on the walls as your 8 heater (darker wood) unit. Is this just an error in the photo or ??? Thanks
This sauna requires a 110 Volt 20 amp outlet. Can I simply replace the 15 amp outlet to a 20 amp outlet and replace the 15 amp breaker by a 20 amp breaker OR do I need to re-wire an outlet (20 amp) using 12 gauage wire? My exisiting wire is 14 gauage. Thanks in advance for answering my questions.
Is the heater included in the pre -cut sauna kits?
Hi, Can you provide a control board for this product? Thanks
Can this go in a garage that is insulated and has drywall? It may get down to 40 degrees in the winter and maybe 90 degrees in the summer.
how is this sauna insulated, what type and how thick, does the insulation get wet ever also could you use a far infrared heater in an outdoor sauna
Is this an indoor or outdoor sauna?
Is this a wet or dry sauna
What is the hardware made out of? Door Hinges, hardware that ties all the sides together?
Where are the Pre-Built Saunas made?
Is there a way to use fragrances in an infrared sauna?
Can I get an Am/Fm /CD radio installed as an added opption ? thanks
Hi , one more question. Can you add aroma therapy to the oxygen ionizer?
Is the bench removable? i want to be able to do hot yoga postures in the sauna , is there room?
We live in a mobile home. Do you know if a mobile home will hold the weight of the sauna.
what is ultra low EMF? how does it compare to just the regular carbon fiber heater.
Can this product be installed over carpet?
Where does the heat emit from? I would like to place a TV on top.
Does this unit have a warranty and if so what is it?
I am interested on 2 persons Ultra-Low-EMF carbon Fiber Sauna. What difference between Model (A) and (C)? Why the Model (C) heavier? Thank you in advance.
what is the difference between carbon fiber infrared and the far infrared saunas?
how many infrared carbon heaters does the 1 person sauna have?
What is the miligauss level in your saunas, and do you have a financing plan.
Will your company assemble the product upon delivery?
does this model come with the back & foot rests shown in the photos?
how high is the temperature with a heater
What is the recommended foundation slab size? It would be best if the slab edge was slightly recessed from the outside face of the sauna walls.
Explain warm up time?
What are the diminsions of the inside bench?
Does the 5x7x7 outdoor steam unit come with the door on the five foot side? Can you buy a unit with a wood door?
What electrical supply is needed; does the sauna work well with steam or are special precautions needed?
Will this product shut the heater off when temp is too high
Is the heater included in the price? Could you alter the height from 7 to 6 feet? Thank you.
How heavy is the 4x4x7 outdoor sauna? Thinking of putting on a deck.... Thanks!
I'd like to purchase a controller that I can access from my smartphone and home automation, e.g., an Insteon hub. Thanks, Kurt
Hi! I am thinking about the typo supersport 8. My sauna is 430 cubic feet. It is outdoor, but quite well insulated. Do you think this heater will work for me? Dagny
Three questions. 1 - how does the unit fasten together? Does it use clips? And is there any glue in the unit? 2 - This unit is about $1000 less than another one that seems to be similar. How can you sell the 1 Person Ultra-Low-EMF carbon Fiber sauna for as little as $1598 3 - who makes this model that you sell?
is this a dry or wet steam..im looking for a wet steam
I would like to buy this sauna to be shipped to Puerto Rico. What are my options?
Have limited space. Do yo have a dimensioned foot print for the 1-2 person corner sauna?
Do I need a floor drain for this model and are water lines required it is going in a first floor bathroom
What is the difference between the SE U-8 and the Deluxe 8?
Who is the manufacturer of this sauna?
Does it come with a sensor
Please give me info about the thermostat on your heater. The heater will heat a room to what temperature. I need to raise the temp of the room to around 140 f. Would this be possible with your heater. Thank you
does the heater come with the kit?
Is the wood construction solid wood or is some of it pressed or plywood?
Where can I get a replacement timer for this unit? 0-60 minute
Can this sauna be placed outdoors or is it an indoor sauna only? Thanks.
Hello, Can this unit be placed on a carpeted floor or does it need to be a hard surface floor?
where are the locations of the plugs ?(left side, right or center) I'm redoing my basement and need to know where to put electric outlets.
Are there any packages that include complete delivery and assembly? I am not at all handy in that way
Do you have any packages that include delivery AND assembly? thanks
Hi, what is the exact EMF level for this product? Thank you.
Is it real cedar wood or a cedar laminate?
can this sauna be programmed turn start heating up at a certain time?
What is the overall height of this unit? I need to install in basement under hvac ducting Also I might have missed it... I need two 20 amp circuits?
interested in putting in my basement in corner, i have a very low drywall ceiling tho, what is maximum height of unit? and does it have to have adequate ventilation above? or can it butt up to ceiling?
can it be brought into my home I cant lift for a price and is it hard to put together so are you saying I do not need an electrictian also sounds just like what I need how many does it seat
What is color therapy? And what is the best 3 person Sauna do you recommend? WHat is the difference between Cedar and Hemlock? And can the Red Cedar 3 person carbon fiber (Corner model) come with External digital controls? thanks, ~Ryan
Do these come with the old style heated rock system for pouring water on?? Or is there an option for it?
Hello, Do you include an option for delivery and assembly? What is the smallest size you offer for just 2 people?
can this 6 man sauna come in a 4 man sauna
is the heater included in this price?
Does this sauna require a dedicated circuit? Other saunas of this type do.
I want an indoor rock sauna and am not quite understanding the pictures on the precut 4x4x7 sauna kit? Do these kits fit into an already existing closet or room or are they free standing?
Can i pour water on the rocks of this heater? The manual is not included?
Can I get this device in a 3 phase to reduce electrical cost?
Can the door be assembled to be on the right instead the left side? Peter
Is there both an upper and lower bench? Where can I see pictures of the interior? Thanks...
Is it compatible to a condo? Is it movable?
Do these units have to be put together , looking for one ready to go ?
Am considering buying this sauna. How long does it take to heat? Does it get really hot on regular 110v?
Can the 2 Person Corner Carbon Fiber sauna be installed on carpet? Does this unit just plug in to any existing 110 wall socket or does it need a dedicated socket?