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Are there rocks that sit on the tray top of this unit? How does it convert from dry to wet to steam? If you do have rocks in tray, once the sauna is preheated can you pour water on the rocks to generate more humidity and does this damage the unit in any way? Does this particular motor or any models you sell have a blower fan built into it? What is the maximum temperature it can generate?

The Combi models and all Tylo sauna heaters do come with the rocks. The 3 modes are as follows: DRY ? Heat only WET ? Drizzle water on the rocks for increased moisture STEAM ? Also turn on the built in steam generator. You can have the steam going and drizzle water on the rocks as well?no problem. That would be maximum humidity for sure. All of the sauna heater heat passively, which is why the open side chambers in the Tylo models are so efficient for air flow. The Maximum temperature is about 198 degrees F.