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Three questions. 1 - how does the unit fasten together? Does it use clips? And is there any glue in the unit? 2 - This unit is about $1000 less than another one that seems to be similar. How can you sell the 1 Person Ultra-Low-EMF carbon Fiber sauna for as little as $1598 3 - who makes this model that you sell?

Judy Blatz
Hello Judy and thank you for your questions. 1) The back corners use clips and the front corners connect with metal pins that slide into metal grooves and are hidden after assembly. I makes for a nice solid structure. 2) We have published Every Day Low Prices that anyone can see, so for 9 years now, our philosophy has always been to go with a very competitive low price on top quality products. Or to put it another way, we don't overcharge people. 3) We have been with that same brands all this time. This sauna happens to be made by Golden Design. In all the years we have sold them, we have not even had a single heater go bad on a customers sauna. Hopefully you saw the customer reviews section. #24 is one of the Ultra Low EMF models. https://www.saunasandstuff.com/infrared-sauna-reviews-pictures I hope that is helpful, please feel free to email or call with any other questions you may have. Best Regards, Mike Stampfer - Owner P: 813-333-2618 Toll Free: 877-248-5133