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Hello, I have some questions regarding your "2 person (c) carbon fiber" sauna. 1) Can you tell me what the EMF's are for this unit? 2) Where is the sauna manufactured? 3) Do you offer customer support in the event there are questions/difficulties during assembly? Thank you, T

Thank you for your questions. 1) These infrared saunas are tested for EMF?s and they are extremely low. This is noted on the ?Specs? tab of data (image below my signature). There seems to be different methods for measuring and reporting EMF?s. On a scale of 1 to 100 (lower being better), these heaters rated at about a 3 to 4, so they are very low indeed. 2) All carbon fiber infrared saunas on the US market right now are manufactured in the East, such as China. 3) We can certainly assist with any assembly issues may have, but honestly, they are very easy to put together. Plan on about an hour. I have personally assembled five, and when I assembled my own, it took me 20 minutes. Have a look at some of my customer photos. Look for the ones where the customers showed assembly progress pictures and you will see how simple the process is. http://www.saunasandstuff.com/sauna-customer-pictures-and-reviews/