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What is color therapy? And what is the best 3 person Sauna do you recommend? WHat is the difference between Cedar and Hemlock? And can the Red Cedar 3 person carbon fiber (Corner model) come with External digital controls? thanks, ~Ryan

Ryan C Adam
Hello Ryan. Color light therapy is a color changing light in the ceiling. Many people believe that different colors of light have different therapeutic benefits. Cedar and hemlock are simply two different typed of wood that are acceptable for saunas. We find that folks who love the look and smell of cedar feel there is no substitute and they are willing to pay the extra cost (cedar is a more expensive wood). The 3 person cedar model just does not have enough space on the front walls to accommodate external controls. As far at "the best," while we have several models, they are all backed by the exact same warranty, so feel confident whichever model you choose, it will be a top quality sauna, equal to any of the models we sell.