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can the sauna be installed on a carpeted floor in a bedroom.

david mikola
There isn?t an actual solid floor in a sauna like this. There is a cedar floor panel (duckboard floor) for the walk area, but that typically sits on top of the standard floor of the room. That room floor may be something like concrete, tile, linoleum or some other water proof product. You would not want to have the carpet exposed inside the sauna. It would be typical to remove the area of carpet and under-pad and create a space for the sauna to sit?perhaps with tile or linoleum or similar product. On our customer pictures page, in customer picture set #15, you can see both the cedar duckboard flooring as well as the tile inside the customer?s sauna room. http://www.saunasandstuff.com/sauna-customer-pictures-and-reviews/