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  • Infrared Saunas: Ceramic vs Carbon Fiber


    Confused about the options available to you when buying an infrared sauna or infrared heater? What's the difference between bio ceramic tube infrared and carbon fiber infrared?

    An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light, which is experienced as radiant heat. This is unlike traditional saunas, which heat the body indirectly via air or steam. Many people find infrared saunas to be more comfortable than traditional saunas, as the body is heated but the temperature of the air stays cooler and more comfortable to breathe.

    The two main types of infrared saunas are ceramic tube infrared saunas and carbon fiber infrared saunas. There are key differences between the two types. Understanding the differences will help you select the sauna that best fits your needs.

    Ceramic tube heaters have long, skinny tubes that emit infrared ray waves in all directions. Reflectors are used to bounce the IR waves from the backside of the tubes into the sauna. The heat distribution tends to be uneven, with more heat closer to the heater and less heat the farther out you go. However, ceramic tube saunas tend to be cheaper than carbon fiber saunas and they heat up more quickly.

    Carbon fiber infrared saunas have panels made of synthetic carbon materials that convert electricity to energy and radiate it throughout the air. They are slightly more expensive than ceramic tube infrared saunas. The heat in carbon infrared saunas distributes evenly, with no hotter or cooler spots. They take a little longer to heat up than ceramic infrared saunas, but the carbon panels are much more durable than the fragile ceramic rods. Carbon fiber infrared saunas are also more energy efficient, resulting in lower operation costs.

    While it seems like carbon fiber infrared saunas are the clear winner, it really comes down to preference. The ceramic infrared saunas have been around longer, and so many people are more familiar with them. They are also easier to repair. Add to that the lower cost and they may be a better choice. So look over the available information, take a look at all the sauna options at Saunasandstuff.com, and give us a call if you have any additional questions.



  • Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber FAR Infrared Saunas


    Saunasandstuff.com is very happy to announce the addition of Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber FAR Infrared Saunas to our inventory of high-quality home saunas! We know that is a bit of a mouthful to say, and you may not be familiar with all the terms. We want our customers to know all about sauna technology so they can choose the sauna that's right for them. Let's break it down!

    In reverse order:


    A sauna is a small room or house designed for people to experience heat sessions. There are two kinds of sauna: wet and dry. Wet saunas have a cooler ambient temperature than dry saunas prominently feature steam as the conductor of heat. Dry saunas are much warmer than wet saunas and avoid the use of steam, relying on the temperature alone to induce sweating.

    FAR Infrared

    Originally invented in Finland, the modern sauna can be sorted into two heating types: traditional and infrared. Traditional heat warms the air, which then warms the body. With infrared heat, the core of the body is heated first.

    Carbon Fiber

    Infrared heaters can be made of many types of materials, including charcoal, ceramic, and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is composed of thin carbon plates that distribute heat evenly. With carbon fiber heaters, more infrared is emitted more efficiently. They also do not require glues or plastics, which eliminates fumes from those materials.


    Many infrared heaters emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) as a by-product of being electrically charged objects. Over time, exposure to EMFs can cause health issues such as headaches, nausea, depression, anxiety, cataracts, eye irritation, cancer, and more. Ultra-low-EMF means the heating device was designed in such a way to eliminate almost all of the EMF emissions, making the heater very safe to use regularly.

    Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber FAR Infrared Saunas

    An ultra-low-EMF Carbon Fiber FAR infrared sauna is a space in which you can sit and experience dry heat that warms from your core outward by using safe infrared emissions generated by a EMF-dampening carbon fiber heater

    The Takeaway

    Our new saunas are totally sweet. They are safe, energy efficient, and very good for your health. They are also affordable, easy to assemble, and ship FREE to 48 states. If you've been waffling on whether or not to purchase a sauna for your home, these saunas should make the decision easy: yes. All you have to do is pick a size.





    *with thanks to Green Smoothie Girl: http://greensmoothiegirl.com/favorite-things/tools/far-infrared-saunas/

  • Meditation and Saunas


    One of the reasons we love the sauna is that it has been around for more than 1,000 years as a form of relaxation and health maintenance. This makes it one of the longest-lasting health crazes in history. Another long-lasting practice dating back thousands of years is meditation, the practice of training one's mind or entering a mode of consciousness. Allowing your mind to fully relax and draining all thoughts to a state of complete calmness has been touted by many as one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Some of the major benefits of meditation include healthy cardiovascular health by slowing the heart rate and pace of breathing, lowering stress levels, strengthening the immune system, improved self-esteem, and a more positive outlook on life. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly hard to find a place to experience this full mind relaxation without distractions and interruptions. The sauna, it turns out, is perfect for meditation.

    Saunas, especially those within the comfort of your own home, give you a place to allow both your body and mind to relax simultaneously. The twenty to forty minutes you take daily in the sauna can allow you to slip into a meditative near-sleep state while you eliminate toxins from your body. Your mind can clear fully.

    Head to SaunasAndStuff.com to find your new mediation sanctuary! And let us know in the comments how you use saunas to improve your mental condition.

  • Towel Warmers: Spoil Yourself!


    Towel warmers are gaining popularity in the United States. They have been used in homes and hotels in Europe for many years. Towel warmers were used to heat towels, as well as dry them after use. They can also serve as a radiator in any room in your house, including the one with your sauna, heating the air while warming up your towel.

    Towel warmers can be hard wired or plugged in, depending on the style and where you want to use it. You can also mount them on your wall outside of the sauna, shower, bath, or steam shower to make it easy to grab that toasty towel without fear of your kids pulling it over.

    There are also many different designs to choose from. Towels warmers will typically be made from metal such as brass or stainless steel. SaunasAndStuff.com has many amazing designs to fit your style and budget. Most have automatic shut offs after two hours so you don’t have to worry about turning them off all the time and can leave your used towel on the rack to dry.

    Towel warmers help keep towels fresher longer, which means washing them less often. Freestanding towel warmers allow you to use the towel warmer in many different rooms and for a multitude of things, making it the most multipurpose option of all!

    If a warm towel after the shower or sauna sounds amazing to you, check out our great selection of home towel warmers.

  • Steam Showers and Steam Baths


    You know about saunas, but do you know about steam baths and steam showers? Steam baths and steam showers are present in homes and spas across the country, and they offer benefits similar to a sauna.

    Steam showers are a type of bathing system where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around your body. Think of it as a steam room that offers the same features of a bathroom shower, or a regular shower with an added steam feature that is powered by a home steam generator. Some steam showers use solar thermal technology, reducing the electricity bill.

    Steam showers are available in a variety of materials, including but not limited to acrylic, fiberglass, stone, and wood. Modern steam showers also provide additional features that may include foot massagers, rain faucet showers, stereo and television features, chromotherapy (light therapy), and aromatherapy.

    Steam baths are similar to saunas, but with different humidity levels. Steam baths tend to be more humid than saunas, but you can adjust the temperature and steam in both. Steam showers are usually in an enclosure that prevents the water vapor and steam from escaping.
    Heaters are used to maintain warm temperatures in the bath.

    Steam showers and baths offer a lot of the same benefits as saunas. The steam soothes sinus irritation and chest congestion. Sweating helps clear pores and purge toxins. The elevated temperatures increase circulation for healthier skin and more energy. They also help relax sore and stiff muscles.

    SaunasAndStuff.com offers many options for steam baths and showers. We have a great selection of steam generators to help create your relaxing oasis. Contact us to receive advice on how to select the perfect generator to create your steam bath or shower, or you can select from our steam bath or shower options. We also offer a full range of beautiful electric towel warmers for your bathroom. They come in a variety of designer finishes such as chrome, white, and oil-rubbed bronze. A wonderful warm towel is the perfect finishing touch to your steam shower experience.

  • The Courteous Sauna User


    Ideally, we'd all have private saunas in our homes, where we could relax in any way we wanted. (Saunasandstuff.com really thinks you should get a sauna for your home!) But sometimes we have to make do with a sauna at a spa or gym--I know, life is hard, right?--and we need to share the space with others. In order for everyone to enjoy the sauna, there are a few basic rules of conduct you should follow:

    1) Do Not Sit Spread Eagle in the Sauna
    I feel like I should type that again in case you missed it the first time. A modicum of modesty is courteous to those around you. Some places require you use a towel, and you should respect this policy. Even if there is no such policy, there is such a thing as being too relaxed for public decency. What would your mother say?

    2) Try to Refrain from Talking a Lot
    But what about all those movies in the 90s where savvy businessmen held casual meetings in gym steam rooms, you ask. Most people head to the sauna to relax and reap the amazing health benefits, not broker business mergers. They also don’t want to hear about your most recent breakup or a detailed rundown of the latest Facebook drama. Use your sauna time as an opportunity to find your inner zen. Breathe deep and enjoy the rare quiet moment given to you.

    3) Use a Towel to Sit On or Lay On
    This is a basic hygiene issue. Think about all the people who sat on that bench before you. You don't want their cooties, right? Think about all the people who will sit on that bench after you. They don't want your cooties, either.

    4) Shut the Sauna Door
    What, were you born in a barn or something? A closed door means lovely warm air for everyone.

    5) Stay in the Sauna as Long as You Want
    We're giving this one to you. If you are behaving nicely, you are welcome to enjoy that sauna as long as you like. We don't mind. You deserve it.

    Of course, you could always pop over to www.saunasandstuff.com and select one of our amazing saunas for your private home use. Then you can sit spread eagle while singing your favorite showtunes in the nude with the door wide open, and no one can stop you.  ;D

  • Relax and Get Healthy!


    Saunas can help you achieve your wellness goals with the many health benefits they offer. They can lower your blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and extend your life. They also relax you at the same time, which provides major health benefits.

    Saunas for Weight Loss
    Saunas can do wonders to help you achieve your weight loss goals. One sauna session can help you burn more than 600 calories, which is equivalent to 30 minutes of rowing at the gym or an hour on the treadmill. The heat from the sauna penetrates below the skin to break down the fat and water particles in your skin, helping burn calories and accelerate weight loss. It is a great alternative to physical exercise for those who are unable, or unwilling, to exert themselves.

    Saunas for Cleansing and Detoxification
    We are exposed to so many toxins every day, from what we eat to hazards in the environment. When toxins are present in our body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. The body’s immune system becomes inhibited, making it difficult to fight disease. When infrared sauna heat is applied, the large water molecules in our bodies that contain toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, lead, mercury, and chlorine vibrate and are broken down. The encapsulated toxic materials and gases are then released, expelling these toxins. Some experts in weight loss believe our bodies use fat to dilute toxins. Since infrared saunas excel at helping rid your body of toxins, you may be burning fat that is being used to dilute toxins in the process. Make sure you take a shower once you leave the sauna to wash the toxins off your skin.

    Saunas to Help Lower Your Blood Pressure
    Infrared saunas are great for lowering blood pressure. People who take saunas a couple times per week actually lower their blood pressure by heating their body. The infrared heat is more comfortable than sitting in a heated external environment. Infrared saunas are a great option due to the fact that the cooler air temperature is less likely to hurt your lungs if you take a deep breath. Relax and enjoy a few moments of peaceful silence.

    Saunas to Extend Your Life
    A major benefit of saunas is that they help to extend your life. Medical researchers have long reported on the health benefits of infrared sauna therapy. It helps support those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even autism. The circulatory and blood pressure lowering benefits are also a plus! Saunas can also improve the overall quality of your life simply by helping you relax. With all the stress of the modern fast-paced life, saunas help you take a moment to fully relax. The heat also helps bring that relaxation to a heightened stage of completion.

    If you want to lose weight, relax, and find your zen, or lower your blood pressure, incorporate a sauna into your routine. After a workout, head to the sauna to help eliminate toxins and relieve pain from sore muscles. You can also continue losing weight by doing this. This is the best time to make it happen. Having a sauna in your home guarantees easy access and the option of using the sauna whenever you want. Check out our selection of indoor and outdoor saunas at www.saunasandstuff.com!

  • Pre-Built or Pre-Cut: Which Should You Buy?


    Today’s consumers have the luxury of choice with many of their purchase decisions, and saunas are certainly no exception. With such a wide variety of options on the market, many shoppers can get lost in the mix. So where do you start and what kind do you get? Two of the most popular traditional rock sauna styles we offer are pre-built saunas and pre-cut saunas. These two types of sauna kits get mixed up all the time, so we want our customers to be educated about the differences so they can make the most qualified purchase decision during the upcoming holiday season.

    Pre-Built Traditional Rock Saunas

    Pre-built sauna kits come in an easy-to-assemble kit and are self-contained, freestanding units. These modular, prefabricated wall units fit together easily and provide greater flexibility in terms of being portable. You can take these saunas with you when you move, so they make a great option for someone who relocates often. Sauna assembly can vary by room size and shape, and can take as little as one to two hours to put together. Then you are ready to relax and sweat away the toxins!

    Pre-built saunas come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 4 x 4 foot room suitable for two people to a 9 x 10 foot family sauna and larger. The pre-built wall and ceiling panels are made from Grade A Clear Western cedar wood and are also available in fir, poplar, or spruce. Assembly is further simplified with pre-built sauna benches, a pre-installed door, and all the parts and accessories needed to complete your installation.

    These pre-built (also called prefabricated) home saunas can be installed indoors or outdoors. If you want to install it indoors, we suggest you assemble the steam sauna room on a waterproof surface such as tile, concrete, or linoleum. For outdoors, a poured concrete slab is the best. Roof kits are also available to convert an inside sauna into an outdoor sauna. We advise you to apply a water sealant to the exterior wood to protect the walls from the elements if you are converting from an indoor to an outdoor sauna.

    Pre-Cut Traditional Rock Saunas

    Pre-cut sauna kits are made for converting an existing room, large closet, or old laundry room/bathroom into a sauna. These are great for the do-it-yourselfer that wants to be actively involved with the assembly of their new sauna, as well as save money. You need to build an insulated stud frame room to install the sauna kit if you don’t have a good-sized area available for the sauna.

    For pre-cut sauna kits, you are required to provide the structural framing, insulation, vapor barrier, and exterior paneling. Everything else that you need to line the inside of the room with cedar, as well as a pre-hung door, pre-built benches and duck board floor, bucket, ladle, wall light, and more are supplied in the kit. These kits offer a variety of different design options and allow the customer to put their own personal touch on the sauna. The options are endless!

    With the holidays coming up, a new sauna would be the perfect addition to your house or condo. It would offer a great way for your family to spend quality time together while relaxing and improving their health.  What are you waiting for? Grab either your pre-built or pre-cut sauna kit from www.saunasandstuff.com today! If you are just looking for a sauna heater, check out our full line of Tylo models.

  • Outdoor Saunas in the Winter


    The leaves are falling and we are approaching the beginning of winter. Everyone is beginning to unpack boots and beanies and thinking of ways to keep warm in the dropping temperatures. What better way to immerse yourself in warmth than in an outdoor sauna?

    If you have always wanted a sauna but do not have room in the house for one, consider an outdoor sauna. Outdoor saunas in snow country are beginning to catch on, as people find this an exciting way to relax and socialize without giving up precious square footage in their tiny cabins or ski getaways. We have saunas that have pink foam board insulation to protect them in snowy conditions, allowing you to experience the benefits of your sauna all winter long. You can even situate it near the backdoor, allowing for quick access all year long.

    During the long, dark days of winter, regular sauna sessions will help you stay healthy and lift your spirits. Sauna parties at the cabin are also a great way to socialize. Begin by enjoying the sauna in a regular sauna session. Once you are warm and the sweat is flowing, open the sauna and head out into the snow. You can lay down and roll around in the snow, letting it scrub your skin, further cleansing it.  You will find you can enjoy the snow for quite a long time before getting cold. Once you start to get cold, you can enjoy round two in the sauna. The Finnish love the experience of using a sauna in the snow and it has become somewhat of a tradition in that country. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life!

    Saunas are a major part of the Finnish culture. There are more than five million inhabitants and more than two million saunas in Finland, averaging one sauna per household!! The Finnish believe that saunas are a place to relax with family and friends, and to receive health benefits both physically and mentally. The Finns think of saunas as not just a luxury, but as a necessary part of life. And the sauna in the snow experience is one of their favorite parts in the winter.

    If you are excited about the sauna in the snow experience and want to find the perfect sauna for your backyard, please visit www.SaunasAndStuff.com or contact us to discuss the best option for you.

  • Five Ws About Saunas


    Are you still confused on the basics about sauna? Do you know your sauna trivia? Here are 5 Ws of saunas to tickle your fancy:

    Who – Who's enjoying saunas?

    It used to be the people of Finland, the Finnish. Then it was the Scandanavians. Now its your next door neighbor and people in your hot yoga class. Everyone is starting to get into saunas, especially after Oprah and Dr. Oz started talking about the number of health benefits infrared saunas offer. So yeah, it should be you next if you aren't already.

    What – What the heck is a sauna?

    Saunas are small rooms, or a small house, designed as a location to experience heat sessions for recreational or therapeutic purposes. There are two main types of saunas: dry and wet. The majority of saunas are built from wood, with cedar and hemlock being the most common types.

    Wet saunas--or steam rooms--are kept at lower temperatures of 100°F to 115°F which prevents superheated water from scalding the skin on contact. Dry saunas can be kept at much higher temperatures of up to 250°F by keeping the moisture level down to nearly zero. These temperatures cause relaxation and promote sweating, to help cleanse the system.

    Where – Where are saunas?

    They are everywhere! They used to be only at swanky hotels, expensive condo or apartment communities, and ritzy health clubs. Now they are in basements, houses, and neighborhood gyms across the nation. They can be built to your liking, with custom-build kit saunas that incorporate all the elements you want. These are easy to assemble, and ready to use.

    When – When is the best time to sauna?

    You can sauna when you are stressed out as a form of almost instant relaxation. You can sauna after you work out, to help your body eliminate toxins in your system and clean itself out. You can use the sauna in the dead of winter to warm up, or during the summer. We use ours almost everyday to relax, refresh, and detox.

    Why – Why use a sauna?

    Saunas offer numerous health benefits. Sauna use can lower your blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and extend your life. Saunas offer a great way to detoxify your system. The main thing we want to stress is to wash your skin once you exit the sauna to get the toxins off your skin. One major benefit that helps to extend your life, and the overall quality of your life, is the fact that saunas aid in relaxation. With all the stress experienced in modern and the fast pace of life, saunas help you take a moment to fully relax.

    What more could you ask for? SaunasAndStuff.com is here to help with any questions you might have about saunas and the options available to you. Now’s the time to enjoy that sauna!!

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