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  • Five Ws About Saunas


    Are you still confused on the basics about sauna? Do you know your sauna trivia? Here are 5 Ws of saunas to tickle your fancy:

    Who – Who's enjoying saunas?

    It used to be the people of Finland, the Finnish. Then it was the Scandanavians. Now its your next door neighbor and people in your hot yoga class. Everyone is starting to get into saunas, especially after Oprah and Dr. Oz started talking about the number of health benefits infrared saunas offer. So yeah, it should be you next if you aren't already.

    What – What the heck is a sauna?

    Saunas are small rooms, or a small house, designed as a location to experience heat sessions for recreational or therapeutic purposes. There are two main types of saunas: dry and wet. The majority of saunas are built from wood, with cedar and hemlock being the most common types.

    Wet saunas--or steam rooms--are kept at lower temperatures of 100°F to 115°F which prevents superheated water from scalding the skin on contact. Dry saunas can be kept at much higher temperatures of up to 250°F by keeping the moisture level down to nearly zero. These temperatures cause relaxation and promote sweating, to help cleanse the system.

    Where – Where are saunas?

    They are everywhere! They used to be only at swanky hotels, expensive condo or apartment communities, and ritzy health clubs. Now they are in basements, houses, and neighborhood gyms across the nation. They can be built to your liking, with custom-build kit saunas that incorporate all the elements you want. These are easy to assemble, and ready to use.

    When – When is the best time to sauna?

    You can sauna when you are stressed out as a form of almost instant relaxation. You can sauna after you work out, to help your body eliminate toxins in your system and clean itself out. You can use the sauna in the dead of winter to warm up, or during the summer. We use ours almost everyday to relax, refresh, and detox.

    Why – Why use a sauna?

    Saunas offer numerous health benefits. Sauna use can lower your blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and extend your life. Saunas offer a great way to detoxify your system. The main thing we want to stress is to wash your skin once you exit the sauna to get the toxins off your skin. One major benefit that helps to extend your life, and the overall quality of your life, is the fact that saunas aid in relaxation. With all the stress experienced in modern and the fast pace of life, saunas help you take a moment to fully relax.

    What more could you ask for? SaunasAndStuff.com is here to help with any questions you might have about saunas and the options available to you. Now’s the time to enjoy that sauna!!

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