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  • Health Benefits of a Steam Room and Sauna

    Everyone deserves to have time for relaxation, even though people are living very busy lives. You already know that you can get a massage or you can have your nails done, but it is not too common for people to go to the steam room, or the sauna to relax.

    Saunas and steam rooms may usually be found in the gym. Some people use it because they have never tried it before, while others just want a chance to unwind after working out. Do you know the many health benefits that you can get from going to the steam room or sauna? You can continue reading to find more details.

    Steam Room Benefits

    You can go to a steam room if you would like to open your airways to help you breathe better. People who are suffering from a congested nose may start to breathe and feel better after staying in the steam room for a few minutes. The sinus relief that it can provide is something that people look forward to.

    This is not only meant for people who have a congested nose, but this is also effective for people who want to lose weight. The steam can be effective in making people’s metabolism faster which can result in weight loss. Steam can make you sweat and your sweat will contain some toxins that need to be released from your body immediately.

    The steam room is more ideal for people who would like to experience the overall detoxification of their bodies.

    To make it clear, the benefits of steam room are the following:

    • Improves overall circulation
    • Lowers your blood pressure
    • Gets rid of cortisol through sweating which can cause stress
    • Clears congestion

    Using the steam room may be amazing for you when your nose is congested, but you should not use it when you have a fever as this can make you dehydrated and weaker.

    Some Limitations of Using the Steam Room

    Steam rooms can be very beneficial, but there are also some limitations that you should be aware of, so that you will not overdo it. If you decide to use a steam room, make sure that you will not go beyond 15 minutes or you may become dehydrated.

    It is also not ideal for you to go to a steam room when you are sick, because it can be the perfect breeding ground for certain types of bacteria and viruses. If someone who is sick goes into the steam room, there is a higher chance of exposing others to illness.

    Do not use the steam room if you are:

    • Pregnant
    • Sick
    • Recovering from surgery

    Sauna Benefits

    Do you want to soothe your tired and aching muscles? If you say yes, then you know that you should go to a sauna soon. Some people make an effort to have their sauna at home. There are saunas for sale online and in some specialty stores. Check the prices and the features that each product offers to help you pick the best sauna for your needs.

    The sauna is known to be hot. Some people cannot even take the heat of saunas because they believe that it stifles them. They find it harder to breathe. The key here is to always check the temperature of the sauna and make sure that it is ideal for you. The heat of the sauna can help your muscles feel more relaxed.

    Going to the sauna means that you are allowing stress and tension to go away from your body. You may be feeling stressed and tense even if you do not realize it. Even those who have insomnia can be helped by going to the sauna. The heat coming from the sauna will prompt the body to release endorphins which can make the body feel better and sleep better. When was the last time that you have felt refreshed when you wake up? If it has been a while, going to the sauna may provide the benefits that you want.

    To wrap up, these are the benefits that you can get when you use the sauna:

    • Gets rid of the stiffness of your muscles and joints
    • Promotes workout recovery so you can feel better faster
    • Burns calories that can also aid in weight loss
    • Improves the immune system overall.

    The immune system is very important because this makes sure that you are safe and protected from various viruses and bacteria that may come your way. Can you imagine the number of things that your immune system fights off every day so that you can stay well? The least that you can do is to help your immune system.

    Some Limitations of Using the Sauna

    Using the sauna is a great way to wrap up your workout but you need to know when you should and when you should not use the sauna. If you normally suffer from high blood pressure, you are not recommended to use the sauna. The heat coming from the sauna will cause your heart to pump blood faster and this may not be good for your body.

    You can use the sauna for a few minutes but if you try to stay longer, you will have a higher chance of getting dehydrated. There may be some serious consequences that may occur if you ignore the warning signs that your body has already taken too much. You may lose consciousness and get low blood pressure.

    You cannot use the sauna if:

    • You are pregnant
    • You have just consumed alcohol
    • You have some medical conditions that may alter the effect of the sauna on you.

    Some people assume that they should use steam rooms and sauna to improve the way that their body looks but the use of these are meant for relaxation. They are not meant to replace or substitute exercising and eating healthy. As long as you know what you will get from using them and you know how to use these responsibly, then you can enjoy using sauna and steam rooms easily.

  • The benefits of a steam room

    Smiling man having a sauna bath in a steam room

    Purchasing a steam room and being able to own one at home is very exciting and quite cathartic in many ways too. What really makes a steam room unique is the fact that it makes your home come to life. Not only that, but it also delivers some astounding health benefits that you just can’t find anywhere else nowadays. With that in mind, here are some of the main benefits of steam room that you can harness today. Wether you want a steam room or an amazing outdoor sauna, you should definitely check out this type of product. It can indeed change your life.

    Removes toxins from your body

    The heat in all these saunas for sale can be very hard to handle most of the time. But the bright side is that you get to sweat a lot. And this will help eliminate many waste products and toxins from your body. If you want to stay healthy and fit in the long run, this is one of the best ways to do it. Plus, it eliminates toxins naturally and you don’t need anything else.

    No more stress

    When you enter a steam room, you leave your stress out the window. And that’s great, because you finally get to focus on happiness and excitement. You get to enjoy life the way you always wanted, and that really says a lot about having a steam room and enjoying it in a professional manner.

    Great to use after working out

    Workouts are known for the fact that they can put you through quite a lot of stress. Thankfully you will use the steam room to relax your muscles. Once you start loosening and relaxing your muscles naturally, the recovery process will be a lot faster. This is very important if you want to grow your muscles without steroids. It will take a little bit of time to do that, but it will bring you the patience and exciting results that you always wanted, all you need is to give it a shot and the payoff can be huge.

    It helps you lose weight

    You still need to work out and improve your diet, but a steam room has the potential to improve your weight loss routine. This helps a lot and it encourages you to maintain a very good shape in the long run. It might take a little bit to figure out how to use these benefits of steam room in your own situation, but the payoff alone can be great and the results as a whole will be really good. You do need to use it as an advantage if possible and you will enjoy the experience all the time.

    Tension relief

    Another great benefit comes from eliminating most of the tension that you have in your muscles and nerve endings. A lot of people end up being extremely stressed after a long day at work, and with help from a steam room you eliminate that. You get to stay healthy, focused and you finally eliminate any challenges that might arise.

    It encourages you to socialize

    One of the cool things about having a steam room is that you can use it alone or with other people as well. You can take your friends inside, socialize and talk about a whole lot of stuff. You are free to choose what you can do there and what type of experience you enjoy. But you can rest assured that the experience will be very exciting and interesting, all you have to do is to check it out and the payoff alone can be extraordinary. After all, we all want to have fun and enjoy some free time. And being able to relax while also enjoying some spare time with friends is very impressive and helpful at the same time. Just check it out and it will totally be worth it.

    Boosting your flexibility

    As you relax your muscles you also get to boost your flexibility too. Sitting in a steam room will make it easy for you to escape that feeling of tiredness that you feel all the time. It’s exciting as it is rewarding, and you will be quite amazed with the results and how everything works in the end. If you are very passionate about taking good care of your body, a steam room is definitely worth the effort.

    Improving the blood flow

    Another interesting benefit here is that the capillaries dilate when they are exposed to steam room heat. Your body will be able to transport oxygen faster and with much better results. It’s definitely a great approach and one that has the potential to work extremely well, since you get to eliminate health problem and finally focus on a great experience.

    Opening up your sinuses

    It’s nice to see that with help from a steam room you can finally open up your sinuses. It really means a lot and it has the potential to grow and evolve all the time, which is exactly what you need. Being able to open up your sinuses makes it easy to breathe, not to mention you can deal with colds, blocked sinuses and other problems. Being able to finally breathe without blockages or anything like that is very refreshing, rewarding and also extremely helpful. You do need to consider giving this a shot, as a steam room can bring amazing results.

    We do encourage you to buy any of the steam rooms for sale right now, as they can indeed help you boost your health and take it to the next level. This really works very well and it brings in some resounding benefits and a very good experience all the time. All you have to do is to check it out, give it a try and the payoff can be really impressive. Make sure that you check it out, test it as you see fit and the payoff will be worth it. Of course, avoid overpaying and try to get the best value for your budget with any steam room!

  • 7 Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

    Infrared saunas are great because they heat up more quickly, than traditional saunas. This happens using infrared heaters to emit infrared light causing you to experience radiant heat. These modern Infrared saunas are easy to install in your home or in an outdoor shed.

    Most people have tried saunas out in their local gym or rec center. These locations are great, but often you end up with people who you would rather avoid. Getting an infrared sauna installed in your home brings you the level of privacy you desire, the convenience and the regular health benefits.

    Let’s go over the seven best health benefits.


    Do you drink? I bet you get hangovers every once and while. A hot shower only goes so far. But a deep hot infrared sauna penetrates deep into body and your mind. You will find that you detox way more through sweating in a sauna than in a show.  You can reduce your hang over by hours! Plus, the pain you are feeling will fade away the entire time you are relaxing. Get back to what you love to do quicker.

    Winter Colds

    When the fall winds start blowing and you can feel winter time around the corner, you will be very happy to have an infrared sauna. Stop putting on sweaters while your legs shiver or waiting for the heat to get the house hot enough. Just get in your infrared sauna and you will get your body temperature hot super quick. Then you notice that you will feel warm for several hours after your sauna.


    After a long day at work, one of the best ways to burn off stress is a good sauna. After ten minutes or so, you will find your mind letting go of all your worries. Some people even bring a good book with them to read. Getting into your infrared sauna is a way to let the rest of the world drift away. To have some private time to yourself and to relax deep with your inner being.  

    Stress is known to impact your overall health in very negative ways. You can easily counter that if you have your own infrared sauna. Anytime you need to relax, you will find this personal place of comfort right in your house.

    Joint Pain

    Many of us work our knees and backs to the point of making life painful to move.  A good infrared sauna will get heat deep into your bones and joints, bringing quick pain relief.  If you are the type of person who sits regularly, then you need a sauna to help you. The daily heating of your body in an infrared sauna will do wonders for your long-term mobility.

    Muscle Pain

    Workouts can strain your muscles helping them expand and grow. The days after can be pain filled and a nice hot infrared sauna can help them relax and reduce your pain. Don’t miss a daily workout by being in pain. Use your sauna to help your body recover quicker and get stronger faster.


    Those long nights when you wake up at three or four in the morning and can’t get back to sleep, leave us exhausted for the day. Instead of sitting down before a computer or picking up your cell phone, try your sauna. Even before bed can be a great time for a sauna. The deep heat causes immense relaxation and helps with getting you out of your mind. Then when you settle into bed for the first time or again in the middle of the night, you will sleep like a baby.

    A Social Activity

    Loneliness has been proven to have negative effects on your health. When you get an infrared sauna, your friends will start showing up hoping they can try your sauna. Have a party and invite your friends to try out your sauna. Saunas are fantastic places to strike up deeper conversations that really allow you and your friends to get to know each other.


    Having your own sauna allows you to make sure you have a clean place to sweat. Gyms and rec centers often don’t get cleaned as often as you would like. Have control over having a clean experience when you sweat.

    As you can see there are numerous reasons to be using a sauna daily. Investing into an infrared sauna for your home can transform your life. Reduce pain, enhance your life and be the life of the party.

  • The Biggest Physical and Mental Benefits of a Steam Bath

    Building Your Own Steam Room is Easy

    For more than two-thousand years, human civilizations have built steam baths in cities from Rome to Istanbul to provide citizens with the relaxation and health benefits of steam. While most people associate saunas and steam baths with the same conditions and atmospheres, there are in fact slightly different benefits to the two heat therapy systems. In this post, you'll learn some of the most important physical and mental health benefits of steam baths.


    Difference between Saunas and Steam Baths

    Both a sauna and a steam bath make your body sweat through immersion in a high-heat environment. However, a sauna achieves this with much higher temperatures and low humidity levels. The average sauna has a temperature anywhere between 176 degrees F and 212 degrees F, with humidity levels around 10%. A steam bath, by contrast, features a temperature range between 104 degrees F and 116 degrees F. The relative humidity inside of a steam bath is around 100%.

    Due to the higher humidity levels inside of a steam bath, temperatures near those of a sauna would feel far too warm to comfortably enjoy, and could even result in minor scalding of your skin. The dry heat in a sauna makes it safe to spend time in, as well as pleasurable.


    Physical Health Benefits

    The greatest physical health benefit you'll enjoy in a steam bath is the easing of respiratory issues. Those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, persistent coughing, hoarseness, and allergies will find time in a steam bath very relieving. The heat and humidity of a steam bath clears mucus from the lungs, and the humidity in the air (in particular) helps to soothe your airways.

    In addition, steam baths help detoxify your body by improving circulation. This is particularly helpful for those suffering from liver and circulatory issues. Other benefits include easing the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, and other joint pains.


    Mental Health Benefits

    A good steam bath will not only loosen up your body and ease physical pain, but can also loosen your mind and relieve mental stress in your life. Those who suffer from intense stress, anxiety disorders and attacks, sleeping disorders, and negative energies are likely to find a great deal of relief from just a few hours each month in a steam bath. Spending time in the warm, humid environment of a steam bath calms your body, soothes your muscles to aid in relaxation, and helps heat up your body to boost your immune system, offering an additional boost that keeps you healthier, longer.

    Steam baths and saunas both have immense physical and mental health benefits for those who use them on a regular basis. However, the difference in environments might appeal differently to various people. Hopefully this post has helped you realize that steam baths offer their own benefits, and if you prefer the warm kiss of a humid environment, time spent enjoying a nice steam bath can help you heal your body and mind!


  • Can Regular Sauna Use Help With Weight Loss?



    One of the many topics explored regarding saunas, and one of the top questions asked relating to saunas, is whether or not saunas can actually help somebody to lose weight. Every person’s physiology is different, and that means that not everyone will react the same way to regular sauna use, however many studies have shown that it can help you lose weight when you use it on a regular basis.

    The heat from your sauna is bound to make you break a sweat! As you sweat, you burn calories. When you’re burning a good amount of calories from sweating during your daily sauna session, overtime you’ll notice that you can lose weight. Most of the weight you’ll lose from the help of your sauna is extra water weight in your body. When you are losing water weight and increasing the amount that you sweat, you are releasing heavy metals and additional toxins from your body that can interfere with your metabolism. The release of these toxins allows your metabolism to function properly, and can even give your metabolism a good boost!

    When you have a sauna session and your body temperature increases, your heart works harder to pump your blood. When your blood is being pumped harder, your blood vessels expand and your blood pressure has a tendency to go down. As your heart beats faster it works to burn more calories, increasing the amount of weight you are losing.

    If you’re, unfortunately, recovering from an injury, using a sauna on a daily basis is a great healing mechanism. The heat from your sauna is known to help repair the wear and tear on your muscles that can come with working out or a lot of physical activity. Saunas are a great tool to  assist in speeding up your recovery so that you can get back to your activities and exercises. In the meantime you can take advantage of using your sauna to help you sweat, burn calories, and increase you metabolism. After consulting your doctor and receiving an okay, you can practice minor stretches in your sauna to increase how much you are sweating and give your metabolism the extra boost it needs to increase your weight loss.

    If you’re not injured and still looking to lose a little extra weight with the help of your sauna then definitely stretch! Stretching is a low-impact form of exercising that can also help to get your heart pumping, your blood pressure decreasing, and the calories burning!

    Here are just a few more tips to help you lost weight with your sauna:

    • Drink water before, during and after your sauna session – staying hydrated helps to release those toxins!
    • Fill your life with healthy habits! --- Healthy food, water, and a good sweat session work well together; give your body some good nutrition to help release extra toxins and metals.
    • Use your sauna daily --- To see the best results you’ll want to use your sauna for fifteen to twenty minutes on a regular basis.

    If you would like to experience the potential weight-loss benefits of owning your own sauna, check out our selection of saunas here! We even offer free shipping to over 48 states!



  • Featured Product: 2-Person Ultra Low EMF Carbon Fiber Sauna



    This two-person infrared sauna can make a great addition to your home.  An Ultra Low EMF Carbon Fiber Sauna allows you to experience heat that warms you from you from the inside out.  This sauna is perfect for the person who wants to have relaxation just steps away. Owning your own sauna is a great way to stay healthy and relaxed all year long, and this two-person unit is perfect for just about any sized house. Even if you don’t have a lot of room to spare, this model is easily installed in the corner of a room, or small bedroom.



    This sauna features six PURETECH carbon fiber far infrared heaters with adjustable temperature gauge. Carbon fiber is composed of thin carbon plates that distribute heat evenly. With carbon fiber heaters, more infrared is emitted more efficiently. They also do not require glues or plastics, which eliminates fumes from those materials.  Ultra Low EMF provides a heating device that’s designed in such a way to eliminate almost all of the EMF emissions, making the heater very safe to use, even on a regular basis.

    This sauna’s dimensions are 48 inches x 42 inches x 76.5 inches and it weighs 400 pounds. It is built using tongue and groove construction with non-toxic glue on the interior and a non-toxic finish on the exterior.


    Features & Add-ons:

    The sauna also includes a radio so you can listen to your favorite relaxing music while in your personal sauna!  You can add a move-able backrest for more move-ability and comfort, or a battery-powered air ionizer to ensure your infrared sauna stays pure and fresh!


    Shipping and Warranty Information:

    Saunas & Stuff offers free shipping in 48 states and your product will arrive in three separate boxes. This particular product can be assembled in under an hour! We even have easy assembly instructions on our website! The purchase includes a seven-year warranty on all heaters, cabinet, and electrical components, and a one-year warranty on the stereo.


    Health Benefits:

    Research has shown many health benefits that are associated with sauna use, including:

    • Increase in blood flow – This process helps with detoxification and distribution of nutrients.
    • Saunas make you sweat – This is a natural mechanism the body uses to flush out waste and toxins.
    • As your temperature rises while sitting in a sauna your immune system is stimulated which helps prevent disease.
    • You are able to rejuvenate and smooth your skin without all of the expensive products.
    • A sauna can make exercising easier and more effective by relaxing your muscles and releasing tension after an intense workout.


    A Great Investment:

    Purchasing a sauna can be a great investment providing many at-home benefits.   An at-home sauna offers privacy, instead of a public sauna at the gym, you can have a steam in the comfort of your own home.  It provides a greater level of hygiene, you know when you last cleaned your sauna but do you know when the last time your gym cleaned theirs?  You can enjoy all the health benefits of a nice steam at your own home without scheduling a trip to the gym.  A sauna also adds value to your home, it’s an attention grabbing feature that buyers love, should you choose to sell your home.


    If you would like more information on this sauna, or any of the saunas available on our website, please feel free to contact us!



  • How to Relax During Your Sauna Session

    Enjoying some silence in the sauna

    Your sauna session is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable time away from the crazy and busy world in which we live. While using the sauna, it’s not recommended that you use electronics, do any strenuous physical activity, or use anything that could be damaged by the heat or steam, so what you’re left with is a good 20 to 25 minutes all to yourself. Use this time to relax, unwind and de-stress.

    De-stressing is very important for your mind and your body, so we’ve got a few recommendations to help you relax and unwind a little bit more and make the most of your sauna sessions.



    Something that may really help you take advantage of the time to relax, is adding music to your sauna session. Listening to music can have several benefits for your health, specifically, classical music. This music slows down the heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and even decreases the stress hormone levels in your body. The heat from your sauna can also help lower your blood pressure and as music works to relax your mind, your sauna will work to relax your muscles to give you an overall calming and enjoyable experience in your sauna.



    With or without music, meditation is another form of relaxation that you can use during your sauna session. The requirement of being “unplugged” during your sauna session creates the perfect atmosphere for meditation and not only that, meditation can be enhanced by the intense heat of a sauna.

    After you’ve settled into a comfortable, upright position in the sauna, focus on the hot air moving through your body, loosening your muscles and allowing you to release extra stress. Try to clear your mind of outside thoughts, and focus on being in the moment. You can also visualize negative energy and toxins being released from your body. By focusing on any of these things, your relaxation from meditation will work with the heat of the sauna to help both your mind and body relax.


    Deep Breathing:

    Similar to meditation, deep breathing allows you to release extra stress from your mind and body during your sauna session. To effectively master this technique might take some practice, but start by sitting silently and focusing solely on your breathing patterns. It is recommended to breathe in and out of your mouth at a slow pace, taking in each breath and feeling the hot air. This heat will work to relax your muscles, as the inhalation and exhalation process will also work to release stress. If you allow yourself to think about your breathing patterns, your mind is less likely to be distracted by lingering thoughts from stressors in your life.

    Try and take each moment in your sauna to relax and let yourself be free from stress and anxiety that may be present in your life. These methods and the heat from your sauna will work well together to help you get the most relaxation out of every sauna session.



  • Why Owning Your Own Sauna Is The BEST Thing Ever!



    Any moment of relaxation is a break from reality and the intense, always-busy world that we live in. Saunas are known to help people relax, and with many healthy benefits, using them daily can be good for both your mind and body. However, getting your daily sauna session in is not always easy, especially when you’re driving to your local gym to find a sauna. Today, not every gym has a sauna, so for some people it may be difficult to find a place that even has a sauna available to use. These are all reasons why having your own sauna is great and may be a good choice for you and your family!

    Just steps outside your own home you could step into a warm relaxation zone where, after a peaceful 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll leave feeling renewed and refreshed. Your sauna is a place where you can gather with friends, family, or just take some time for yourself to relax.

    Owning your own sauna means you get to choose the exact sauna that works best for you and your needs. With saunas seating up to six people, you’ll have plenty of room to sit and zone out during your sauna session. You can choose accessories or add-ons for your sauna such as these sauna scents. These allow you to enhance your sauna experience, making it your own and right for you. You’ll never have to worry about what to wear during your sauna session, because it’s just you and the relaxing heat. That means you can wear these convenient and comfortable sauna and spa wraps to give yourself the relaxing and at-home feeling only your own sauna can provide.

    Although saunas are known to be very sterile areas, having your own sauna allows you to know who’s been in it and how often you feel it should be cleaned. You can use it at your own convenience, as it will always be just steps outside your door or just down the hall.

    Saunas are very beneficial for your muscles and joints after an intense workout or even a long day in the office. The heat allows your muscles to loosen up and relax. No need to stop at the gym or try and squeeze it in, in the morning. With your sauna at home, you can step inside whenever it is convenient for you.

    The choices are truly unlimited when it comes to owning your own home sauna. From colors, to types of wood, to size, to accessories, you have the ability to really make it your own. By the time you add in the price of gas, and a membership so that you can use the sauna, it will be more time and money spent than if you have your own. You can easily grab some snacks, beverages and even the rest of the family, and enjoy a sauna session and time together.

    Making your sauna yours and right for you and your family is only going to increase your relaxation and enjoyment of your sauna. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, for two people or for four people, relaxation in your very own sauna really is the BEST thing ever!



  • All about Steam Baths: What is It, How Does It Work, and What are the Benefits?

    When most people think about relaxing in a warm environment in their home, a bathtub full of hot water or a steamy shower are the first things that come to mind. For those fortunate enough to have a home sauna, relaxing in the heat of that environment adds a great deal of joy to life. If you haven't heard of a steam bath, you are missing out on the joy of an alternative way to enjoy maximum relaxation. But what is a steam bath? How does it work? And most importantly, what are the benefits of using one regularly?


    Take a Steam: What is a Steam Bath?

    A steam bath provides warm, moist heat that sinks into your body. The embracing warmth of the moist air penetrates your skin to provide joint and muscle relief and relaxation. There are a number of names that a steam bath can take, including but not limited to, a steam shower, hot springs, sweat lodge, a wet sauna, or hydrotherapy.

    Steam baths have existed for centuries. Roman and Greek societies popularized steam baths during ancient times, but Turkish, Russian, and Native American cultures also relied heavily upon steam baths for relaxation and improved health.

    Although many people confuse a steam bath with a sauna, there are subtle differences that count in the end. Both create warm conditions that make you sweat, but the atmosphere is much different. The average traditional sauna has a temperature between 176 F and 212 F, while a steam bath has temperatures between 104 F and 116 F. However, the humidity in a sauna is extremely low at around 10%, while the relative humidity in a steam bath is 100%.

    The result is an environment inside a steam bath that feels much cooler compared to a sauna as a warm mist fills the air and penetrates your skin. Conversely, a sauna is only tolerable because of its low humidity and intense heat.


    How Does it Work?

    The science behind a steam bath is simple. In a steam bath, the room is constantly filled with steam generated by moisture hitting the heating coils and being dispersed throughout the room along with warm air. Your skin responds to these moist conditions by opening the pores, cleaning several layers deep into your skin to remove toxins. Those toxins seep out of your open pores with ease and enter the air in the room.

    Relaxation and relief are rushed to your muscles and joints at the same time as your open pores allow more oxygen into the body, and the blood flow increases. The rush brings nutrients to more areas of your body, and does so quickly.


    Steam Up: What are the Benefits?

    First and foremost, just like other heat therapies, a steam bath can help reduce stress and aid in recovery from muscle and joint pain. If you've suffered a recent injury through normal activity or sports, a steam bath can speed up recovery through increased blood flow and circulation. The improved circulation offered by a steam bath can also help boost cardiovascular health overall. Minor benefits include better skin complexion.


    Now that you're aware of the ins and outs of a steam bath, it might be time to contemplate installing a steam bath in your own home. There are numerous residential steam generators available for purchase to help you realize the potential for a steam bath in your own home.



  • Comparing Pre-Cut and Pre-Built Sauna Kits



    The benefits of having your own in-home sauna are well known by many. With a sauna in your home, you can relax in a heated environment any time you like. You'll enjoy the stress relief that comes with time spent in a sauna, and also reap the health benefits from your sauna. If you've recently considered buying a sauna, you might have come across product options that include pre-cut and pre-built sauna kits.

    For those unfamiliar with these two types of saunas, this post explores the differences between them and identifies the proper uses (and benefits of) sauna kits.


    Pre-Built Sauna Kits

    Also known as pre-fabricated saunas, a pre-built sauna kit is a modular sauna that is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. With your purchase, you receive pre-built sections of your new sauna in your shipment. The components that you receive in the kit are all ready to be put together using included hardware. Pre-built sauna kits make it easy for you to install a sturdy, freestanding sauna quickly.

    The average pre-built sauna can be put together in one day, depending upon your DIY skills. For those with handyman skills, it could take as little as two to three hours to complete. Common sizes range from 4' x 4' up to larger 8' x 12' models. If you're looking for flexibility when purchasing a new sauna, pre-built saunas are a great option because you can disassemble and reassemble them whenever needed, meaning you can take it with you if you sell your home or even relocate it in your backyard if you redo the landscaping on your property.


    Pre-Cut Sauna Kits

    An alternative option for an indoor sauna is a pre-cut sauna kit. While a pre-built model can be installed indoors or out, a pre-cut sauna kit is designed for indoor use only because it is used to convert or finish off a room, closet, shed, or entire small room into a sauna. Pre-cut sauna kits offer custom-cut boards that you install on the existing walls to create an insulated environment. Additional insulation is provided in your kit to accommodate your sauna and ensure that the heat and potential moisture is contained properly.

    Before purchasing a new pre-cut sauna kit, you'll need to accurately measure the walls within the room you plan to convert. Pre-cut saunas are, generally speaking, less expensive than pre-built models. However, it can take longer (depending upon your DIY skills) to put together a pre-cut sauna kit because you are starting from scratch with construction.


    Ideal Uses for Each

    As mentioned, pre-cut sauna kits are used to finish an existing space. Or you can build an addition expressly for this purpose.  When selecting a room, or building a structure in your home to install a pre-cut kit, try to select a space with a low ceiling. The smaller your space is, the easier it will be to heat, resulting in a less-significant impact on your utility bills.


    Browse our selection of pre-built and pre-cut saunas and find the one that’s right for you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about installation.



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