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Outdoor Saunas in the Winter


The leaves are falling and we are approaching the beginning of winter. Everyone is beginning to unpack boots and beanies and thinking of ways to keep warm in the dropping temperatures. What better way to immerse yourself in warmth than in an outdoor sauna?

If you have always wanted a sauna but do not have room in the house for one, consider an outdoor sauna. Outdoor saunas in snow country are beginning to catch on, as people find this an exciting way to relax and socialize without giving up precious square footage in their tiny cabins or ski getaways. We have saunas that have pink foam board insulation to protect them in snowy conditions, allowing you to experience the benefits of your sauna all winter long. You can even situate it near the backdoor, allowing for quick access all year long.

During the long, dark days of winter, regular sauna sessions will help you stay healthy and lift your spirits. Sauna parties at the cabin are also a great way to socialize. Begin by enjoying the sauna in a regular sauna session. Once you are warm and the sweat is flowing, open the sauna and head out into the snow. You can lay down and roll around in the snow, letting it scrub your skin, further cleansing it.  You will find you can enjoy the snow for quite a long time before getting cold. Once you start to get cold, you can enjoy round two in the sauna. The Finnish love the experience of using a sauna in the snow and it has become somewhat of a tradition in that country. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life!

Saunas are a major part of the Finnish culture. There are more than five million inhabitants and more than two million saunas in Finland, averaging one sauna per household!! The Finnish believe that saunas are a place to relax with family and friends, and to receive health benefits both physically and mentally. The Finns think of saunas as not just a luxury, but as a necessary part of life. And the sauna in the snow experience is one of their favorite parts in the winter.

If you are excited about the sauna in the snow experience and want to find the perfect sauna for your backyard, please visit www.SaunasAndStuff.com or contact us to discuss the best option for you.

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