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Steam Showers and Steam Baths


You know about saunas, but do you know about steam baths and steam showers? Steam baths and steam showers are present in homes and spas across the country, and they offer benefits similar to a sauna.

Steam showers are a type of bathing system where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around your body. Think of it as a steam room that offers the same features of a bathroom shower, or a regular shower with an added steam feature that is powered by a home steam generator. Some steam showers use solar thermal technology, reducing the electricity bill.

Steam showers are available in a variety of materials, including but not limited to acrylic, fiberglass, stone, and wood. Modern steam showers also provide additional features that may include foot massagers, rain faucet showers, stereo and television features, chromotherapy (light therapy), and aromatherapy.

Steam baths are similar to saunas, but with different humidity levels. Steam baths tend to be more humid than saunas, but you can adjust the temperature and steam in both. Steam showers are usually in an enclosure that prevents the water vapor and steam from escaping.
Heaters are used to maintain warm temperatures in the bath.

Steam showers and baths offer a lot of the same benefits as saunas. The steam soothes sinus irritation and chest congestion. Sweating helps clear pores and purge toxins. The elevated temperatures increase circulation for healthier skin and more energy. They also help relax sore and stiff muscles.

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