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Benefits of doing hot yoga in an infrared sauna

Did you know that far-infrared heat raises your body's temperature and increases circulation? Many people who suffer from fatigue and circulatory issues use the approach of infrared heat to heal themselves. This heat is far different from other sources of heat as it doesn’t increase the blood pressure and only increases the surface heat of your body. Moreover, infrared heat also aids in boosting your body's flexibility and overall strength.

You might be thinking that the benefits of infrared heat are almost the same as that of yoga. Yoga also increases your body's flexibility and helps you in maintaining a well-balanced metabolism.

So, what if we combine the healing powers of both yoga and infrared heat? The results would be doubled! In this article, we will talk about the amazing benefits of doing hot yoga in an infrared sauna, but before that, we will throw some light on infrared therapy and why it is essential for you.

What is infrared therapy?

Infrared therapy is a technique which is used to treat patients who are suffering from acute or chronic pain. This therapy involves the use of some specific wavelengths of light which is targeted on those part of bodies where they are required.

The light which is generated in infrared therapy is regenerative for your cells. It also improves oxygen circulation and allows faster healing of your tissues. Moreover, it is also a pain reliever.

What is hot yoga?

As the name suggests, hot yoga involves the practice if doing it in a sauna where the environment is usually warm. This kind of yoga targets the strength of your body helps stretch the muscles and soothes the mind. It can be the most relaxing experience if done the right way.

Hot yoga is an effective workout technique which doesn't require any hardcore exercises. A typical session of hot yoga is anywhere around 30-90 minutes. It consists of different poses which results in vigorous sweating. Most of these poses are used to target the back, core, neck, and lower body muscles.

Benefits of doing hot yoga in an infrared sauna

If you combine the two healing techniques of hot yoga and infrared sauna, the results can be astonishing.

  1. Enhances flexibility

One of the best ways to bring some bounce in your body is to practice yoga. Yoga involves a variety of moves which includes muscle stretching. Doing it for a long time can improve your flexibility. However, if you try the hot yoga in an infrared sauna, then the heat generation from infrared light will warm up your muscles and thus allows a considerable range of motion.

  • Good for Skin

Who doesn’t need a glowing and healthy skin? After all, your skin is the showcase of your whole personality. Another great benefit you can acquire from an infrared sauna is that your skin will be free from impurities, acne-causing triggers, and even blackheads. Moreover, the nice and hot infrared sauna will also open up your pores and allow them to breathe, thus improving the appearance of your skin by clearing out dirt and impurities. There is no best skin rejuvenation way than taking a hot yoga in an infrared sauna.

  • Increases your heart rate

If you are too lazy to hit the gym or your doctor does not advise you to workout due to any health conditions, then you must undoubtedly try hot yoga in an infrared sauna. Sitting in hot yoga even for an hour can increase your heart rate to skyrocket and cause excessive sweating. After spending 30 minutes in such an environment, you will get the same result as that of 30 minutes of cardio. Thus, hot yoga in an infrared sauna is excellent for fat loss as well.

  • Improves mental health

Your mental health is way more important than your physical health. The mental and emotional well-being should be your priority, and hot yoga in an infrared sauna can help you in achieving that goal. It gives you mindfulness and thus results in a focused and clear mind. Therefore, if your mind stays cluttered all day long, then you must try this hot yoga at least once a week to bring your emotional state to be healthy. You will feel relaxed and renewed as the infrared sauna boosts up your endorphins.

  • Allows muscle recovery

As hot yoga in an infrared sauna adds heat to your body, so it is an excellent way to tighten up your sore muscles. It eases the stiffness in your muscles which mostly occurs as a result of an intense workout. The heat and radiation from an infrared environment reach your joints, tissues, and muscles and let your body relax by loosening your muscles. Thus, it is an excellent way for active recovery.

  • Relieves pain

Hot yoga in an infrared sauna is known as an excellent and effective pain reliever as well. The heat from the infrared radiations has capable of penetrating in your tissues, joints, and muscles, thus allowing them to regenerate and heal due to increased circulation, detoxification through sweating and oxygenation. That is why many physical therapists also use it.

  • Fights Arthritis and Diabetes

As you grow in age, your bones start losing their strength which is one of the leading causes of arthritis. To ease this pain and joint issues, heating your body in a hot sauna with far infrared heat is highly beneficial. It reduces inflammation of your joints and knees, relieves pain, and helps you in getting rid of arthritis pain.

Moreover, infrared heat is also an excellent fighter of Type 2 diabetes. People are turning to meditation and yoga to treat their diabetes and the complications which comes with it. Hot yoga in an infrared sauna enhances the heart rate, increases blood flow in your body, and reduces pain to allow smooth movement. Furthermore, it also reduces inflammation and improves the skin tone around the insulin injection sites in Type 1 Diabetes.


So, there you have it! You can get these and many other benefits of hot yoga in an infrared sauna. It is an excellent way to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle by eliminating all the stress-causing factors. Thus, no matter which age group you belong to, this yoga will improve your life and free you from the stress and strain of your daily life.