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Hot Yoga Sauna – A New Wellness Fever

In this ever-busy era of the modern age; every one of
us strives to be fit and healthy. We all look for ways to detoxify, to get rid
of extra accumulated calories, getting glowing skin and well-toned physique
without being worried about heavy workouts and diet plans.

We all know the importance of yoga when it comes to building
strength, awareness, and harmony in mind and body. Similarly, the sauna is the
door to bid farewell to all unnecessary toxins from the body through sweating.
When both yoga and sauna come together, the benefits are fabulous.

is a hot yoga sauna?

Doing yoga in a sauna sounds a bit crazy but it is
progressively attracting both yoga fans and sauna users alike. It is today’s
fitness craze for all age groups. The results are impressive and noteworthy.
Those who have experienced are happy about how the fine blend of intemperate
sweating and movement of different muscles improve their general wellbeing.

Numerous individuals discover that they have also
improved their deep breathing while doing yoga in a hot sauna. The usual
temperature of a hot yoga session is 110 ˚F with 40% humidity. It results in
making your body muscles relax for posing and stretching during the session. It
relieves joint pain and firmness, gives strength to the cardiovascular framework,
eases muscular pain and enhances flexibility.

Yoga Sauna Vs Infrared Sauna

As discussed above, the hot yoga sauna is the latest
fitness fun to stay young and healthy. It is a good tool to achieve perfect
physical, mental and spiritual association. Infrared saunas use light to
provide heat to bodies and permit users to experience sweat at low temperatures.
The temperature range of the infrared sauna is 120˚F and 140˚F.

to Order Hot Yoga Sauna Kit

  1. Decide

saunas to determine what you need in terms of size, volume, design, choices,
etc. Experts are available to assist you select alternatives for both economy
and luxury. The standard hot yoga sauna size is

  • For a single
    person -
    4' x 7' sauna room
  • For two  persons - 7'
    x 7' sauna room

  • Get a Price List

sauna size from the cost list. You can also fill custom sauna organizer form to
obtain cost for sauna and shipping to get leading sauna kits by sending email
or fax with payment information to continue with the order.

  • Payment &

the payment is received, production will start. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for
production and shipping. You can easily install a hot yoga sauna kit yourself
as all the parts are labelled and the instructional manual is also included in
the kit.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Increased Flexibility – With hot yoga you need
    not be worried about forcing yourself into contortionist positions. The sauna
    heat permits to reach new levels of individual flexibility which have
    therapeutic benefits for the body. On an honest note, being flexible is
    amazingly cool because it allows to stretch more effectively.

  • Strength – Have you thought that your body is your
    real gym. This yoga form makes use of all those muscles you even did not know
    you actually had. The hot yoga sauna strengthens your spine and we all know
    that a powerful spine is one of the keys to sound health.

  • Detoxification – The heated room assists in stretching and
    getting your cardio. The yoga postures detoxify muscles, organs and glands and
    sauna sweating advances that.

  • Breathing – In case there is no breathing, there is
    no yoga. Stillness in an important yoga posture while breathing normally. With
    the inclusion of heat, you cannot take long if you will not breathe deeply and
    it does not take much time to master the technique of breathing in a controlled

  • Concentration – most hot yoga sessions comprise of 26
    postures and 2 breathing exercises. There is always a set schedule. The
    schedule makes a difference to track your progress through repetition. With the
    passage of time, you see yourself equipped with excellent focus and persistence
    which helps to concentrate on tasks in hand and enjoy your work.

  • Healing – The prime reason for this yoga is
    therapy. Through practice, this yoga can help in healing old injuries. It also
    reduces the chances of many diseases like diabetes, asthma, anxiety, high blood
    pressure, obesity and joint pain.

  • Cardio – Hot yoga sauna makes your heart work in
    the same way as it works while you run a mile. It stimulates your metabolism
    and burns calories in a quick manner even outside the heated room.


it includes intense workout in a comparatively hot environment, so it is highly
recommended that only those people should go for it who have been doing yoga
for a while or they are well adjusted to temperatures of a sauna.

you feel dizzy, nauseous or light-headed, instantly stop work out and go
somewhere you can cool down. Make it sure to stay hydrated before and after a
hot yoga session. Drink plenty of water and avoid eating at least 2 hours
before your workout session in the sauna to avoid nausea and drowsiness.
Consulting your physician before joining a hot yoga sauna is a good choice.

Few Useful Tips

  • Know Your Body Limits

mentioned earlier, practising yoga helps you achieve flexibility, whereas it
might feel awesome momentarily but be realistic that how far your body can
endure it and how it will feel; once the effects of heat will end. Be mindful of
your physical limits.

  • Eat Light & Stay

your body with healthy food 3-4 hours before your hot yoga session. Drink a lot
of water and use a moisturizer on your skin to keep it hydrated.

  • Use High-Quality

Be it your clothes, yoga mat or sauna equipment, ensure to use the best quality materials to stay safe and comfortable while connecting with yourself mindfully, spiritually and physically.

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