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  • Trends and Innovations in Saunas


    Saunas have been gaining popularity in the last several years as North Americans take a cue from the Finnish and are reaping the many health benefits of saunas. Whether you want to buy an infrared sauna or a traditional hot rock steam sauna, there are many different options available to you. Saunas continue to adapt and evolve with new designs and trends popping up across the nation. Here are some trends we are seeing in the sauna industry:

    • The top trend that continues to evolve with saunas is design. People are beginning to customize sauna kits to fit their taste and style, as well as to suit the overall feel and design of their home's interior. The individualization of the sauna includes using environmentally friendly materials (for the eco-friendly) or the use of exotic stones (for the discerning).
    • This year has also brought in the awareness of the benefits of aromas. The use of fragrance or essential oils allows users to personalize their sauna experience for a particular time of day or atmosphere. Citrus scents in the morning help you wake up and prepare for the day, while lavender relaxes you after a day of stress.
    • LED technology changes the use of lights, allowing for an even more serene sauna experience. The use of a “starry sky” or new illuminated elements allows you to personalize the sauna or add new lighting elements to make the experience one to remember.
    • A future trend sauna users should be on the lookout for is control technology. The introduction of a sauna remote that can be used in multiple locations may allow sauna users to heat up their sauna in the basement from the comfort of their office upstairs. Users may also be able to program the sauna to begin heating up at a certain time during the day--like 10 minutes before lunch--so it is ready for your lunch break.

    Personalization of your sauna is now more possible than ever, with multiple options that make your new sauna fit right into your home and lifestyle. Contact SaunasAndStuff.com to discuss our many available sauna products to find the best one for you.

  • The Importance of Cooling Down


    For every article about the health benefits of saunas, it seems as if there's one about the alleged health risks of saunas, too. It can be difficult to know which bits you need to remember in order to get the best and safest use from your sauna.

    At www.SaunasAndStuff.com, we would like to help simplify the health risks of saunas and give you some facts about the risks:

    • Cooling down is just as important as the heating process during your sauna session. Take a few moments after exiting the sauna before taking a plunge in a cold pool or shower. After your session you can turn the sauna off, open the door slightly, and allow your body to cool down for 10 minutes. Shivering afterward is an involuntary response of your body trying to warm itself back up. You may want to re-enter the sauna and allow your body to cool longer afterward. If you ever feel sick after using the sauna, try lowering the temperature and doing a warmer, longer cool down. Sleep disturbances can also occur if your body is not cooled properly, so give yourself sufficient time to cool down after using the sauna.
    • Prolonged stays in the sauna can lead to the loss of electrolytes from the body, similar to what happens to your body after rigorous exercise. Heat stroke can occur if you do not hydrate sufficiently. Always drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after using the sauna. Using the sauna during alcohol withdrawal or while hungover can also cause dehydration, so it is not recommended to use the sauna after a night of drinking.
    • Ease yourself into regular sauna use slowly to lower any potential risks. Start with short intervals once or twice a week, and work up from there. Always remember: if at any time during your sauna session you feel dizzy, sleepy, or any discomfort, exit the sauna immediately.

    Saunas have many health benefits and correct use will help eliminate any risks associated with them. Please submit any additional questions to www.SaunasAndStuff.com to answer. We encourage using saunas safely to maximize the health benefits!

  • Four Ways to a Healthy You with Infrared Saunas


    Many sauna users are unfamiliar with infrared saunas, and may not know about the health benefits this type of sauna can provide. Here are just a few:

    Lower Blood Pressure
    Infrared saunas differ from normal saunas in that they make the same rays that come from the sun without the UV radiation, leaving only the infrared rays. These rays are then lightly absorbed into the skin. The reason heating the body is important is that it is shown that people who take saunas a couple of times per week actually lower their blood pressure. The infrared sauna environment is also a more comfortable temperature than sitting in a heated traditional sauna environment. These saunas excel due to the fact that they do not hurt your lungs if you take a deep breath.

    We speak about the benefits infrared saunas have on detoxification in our Sauna FAQ. The main thing we want to stress is to wash your skin once you exit the sauna to get the toxins off your skin and refresh your system.

    Weight Loss
    We also mentioned the benefits of weight loss that come from using an infrared sauna in our Sauna FAQ. It increases blood circulation, makes your heart beat faster, and helps you to burn more calories. Hats off to burning calories!

    Extend Your Life
    A major benefit of infrared saunas is helping to extend your life. Medical researchers have long reported on the health benefits of infrared sauna therapy. It helps support those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even autism. The circulatory and blood pressure lowering benefits are a major plus! Infrared saunas also help to extend your life, and the overall quality of your life, by aiding in relaxation. With all the stress experienced in today's fast-paced life, saunas help you take a moment and fully relax.

    In 2013, if you want to help your health and quality of life, visit your sauna for relaxation, losing weight, detoxifying, and lowering blood pressure. Visit www.SaunasAndStuff.com to see the many different types of saunas and infrared sauna kits we offer.

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