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  • Trends and Innovations in Saunas


    Saunas have been gaining popularity in the last several years as North Americans take a cue from the Finnish and are reaping the many health benefits of saunas. Whether you want to buy an infrared sauna or a traditional hot rock steam sauna, there are many different options available to you. Saunas continue to adapt and evolve with new designs and trends popping up across the nation. Here are some trends we are seeing in the sauna industry:

    • The top trend that continues to evolve with saunas is design. People are beginning to customize sauna kits to fit their taste and style, as well as to suit the overall feel and design of their home's interior. The individualization of the sauna includes using environmentally friendly materials (for the eco-friendly) or the use of exotic stones (for the discerning).
    • This year has also brought in the awareness of the benefits of aromas. The use of fragrance or essential oils allows users to personalize their sauna experience for a particular time of day or atmosphere. Citrus scents in the morning help you wake up and prepare for the day, while lavender relaxes you after a day of stress.
    • LED technology changes the use of lights, allowing for an even more serene sauna experience. The use of a “starry sky” or new illuminated elements allows you to personalize the sauna or add new lighting elements to make the experience one to remember.
    • A future trend sauna users should be on the lookout for is control technology. The introduction of a sauna remote that can be used in multiple locations may allow sauna users to heat up their sauna in the basement from the comfort of their office upstairs. Users may also be able to program the sauna to begin heating up at a certain time during the day--like 10 minutes before lunch--so it is ready for your lunch break.

    Personalization of your sauna is now more possible than ever, with multiple options that make your new sauna fit right into your home and lifestyle. Contact SaunasAndStuff.com to discuss our many available sauna products to find the best one for you.

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