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Four Ways to a Healthy You with Infrared Saunas


Many sauna users are unfamiliar with infrared saunas, and may not know about the health benefits this type of sauna can provide. Here are just a few:

Lower Blood Pressure
Infrared saunas differ from normal saunas in that they make the same rays that come from the sun without the UV radiation, leaving only the infrared rays. These rays are then lightly absorbed into the skin. The reason heating the body is important is that it is shown that people who take saunas a couple of times per week actually lower their blood pressure. The infrared sauna environment is also a more comfortable temperature than sitting in a heated traditional sauna environment. These saunas excel due to the fact that they do not hurt your lungs if you take a deep breath.

We speak about the benefits infrared saunas have on detoxification in our Sauna FAQ. The main thing we want to stress is to wash your skin once you exit the sauna to get the toxins off your skin and refresh your system.

Weight Loss
We also mentioned the benefits of weight loss that come from using an infrared sauna in our Sauna FAQ. It increases blood circulation, makes your heart beat faster, and helps you to burn more calories. Hats off to burning calories!

Extend Your Life
A major benefit of infrared saunas is helping to extend your life. Medical researchers have long reported on the health benefits of infrared sauna therapy. It helps support those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even autism. The circulatory and blood pressure lowering benefits are a major plus! Infrared saunas also help to extend your life, and the overall quality of your life, by aiding in relaxation. With all the stress experienced in today's fast-paced life, saunas help you take a moment and fully relax.

In 2013, if you want to help your health and quality of life, visit your sauna for relaxation, losing weight, detoxifying, and lowering blood pressure. Visit www.SaunasAndStuff.com to see the many different types of saunas and infrared sauna kits we offer.

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