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Infrared Saunas: Some Straight Talk


What are these infrared saunas? How do they differ from traditional saunas, and how can they benefit your health? How do you use one? Let's answer a few of those questions, and then you can browse our infrared sauna products:

1 – Not as Hot and Heavy
Have you seen scenes of saunas or steam rooms in movies or on television? People sitting in a haze of steam and heat, sweating and looking like they've been broiled? Traditional saunas heat the air, but infrared saunas use infrared radiant heat that heats the body on contact, but leaves the air at its ambient temperature. This makes it easier to stay in the sauna longer.

2 – Detoxification
The human body comes into contact with toxins on a daily basis from breathing and eating. Infrared saunas help eliminate some of these toxins. Body cells laden with toxins do not acclimate to heat as well as healthy cells, so the usage of an infrared sauna facilitates the eradication of the toxic cells.

3 – Replenish
Replenish your body with water and fruit after infrared sauna usage. Your body loses some minerals during the sauna process, and mineral water and fruit help recharge the body. Also, it is good to add some sea salt to your diet due to the loss of salt through sweating.

4 – All Things in Moderation
Using an infrared sauna regularly can benefit one’s health, but too much of a good thing is possible. It is encouraged not to exceed sauna usage for more than 30 minutes at a time. Though the process is very beneficial, excessive use can have a damaging effect. In addition, it is best to check with your general physician before engaging in regular use of an infrared sauna. It is also best to limit sauna use if pregnant, ill, injured, or fasting.

Some Like it Hot – Health Benefits of Saunas Source: Kaiser Permanente

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