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  • Comparing Pre-Cut and Pre-Built Sauna Kits



    The benefits of having your own in-home sauna are well known by many. With a sauna in your home, you can relax in a heated environment any time you like. You'll enjoy the stress relief that comes with time spent in a sauna, and also reap the health benefits from your sauna. If you've recently considered buying a sauna, you might have come across product options that include pre-cut and pre-built sauna kits.

    For those unfamiliar with these two types of saunas, this post explores the differences between them and identifies the proper uses (and benefits of) sauna kits.


    Pre-Built Sauna Kits

    Also known as pre-fabricated saunas, a pre-built sauna kit is a modular sauna that is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. With your purchase, you receive pre-built sections of your new sauna in your shipment. The components that you receive in the kit are all ready to be put together using included hardware. Pre-built sauna kits make it easy for you to install a sturdy, freestanding sauna quickly.

    The average pre-built sauna can be put together in one day, depending upon your DIY skills. For those with handyman skills, it could take as little as two to three hours to complete. Common sizes range from 4' x 4' up to larger 8' x 12' models. If you're looking for flexibility when purchasing a new sauna, pre-built saunas are a great option because you can disassemble and reassemble them whenever needed, meaning you can take it with you if you sell your home or even relocate it in your backyard if you redo the landscaping on your property.


    Pre-Cut Sauna Kits

    An alternative option for an indoor sauna is a pre-cut sauna kit. While a pre-built model can be installed indoors or out, a pre-cut sauna kit is designed for indoor use only because it is used to convert or finish off a room, closet, shed, or entire small room into a sauna. Pre-cut sauna kits offer custom-cut boards that you install on the existing walls to create an insulated environment. Additional insulation is provided in your kit to accommodate your sauna and ensure that the heat and potential moisture is contained properly.

    Before purchasing a new pre-cut sauna kit, you'll need to accurately measure the walls within the room you plan to convert. Pre-cut saunas are, generally speaking, less expensive than pre-built models. However, it can take longer (depending upon your DIY skills) to put together a pre-cut sauna kit because you are starting from scratch with construction.


    Ideal Uses for Each

    As mentioned, pre-cut sauna kits are used to finish an existing space. Or you can build an addition expressly for this purpose.  When selecting a room, or building a structure in your home to install a pre-cut kit, try to select a space with a low ceiling. The smaller your space is, the easier it will be to heat, resulting in a less-significant impact on your utility bills.


    Browse our selection of pre-built and pre-cut saunas and find the one that’s right for you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about installation.



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