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How to Relax During Your Sauna Session

Enjoying some silence in the sauna

Your sauna session is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable time away from the crazy and busy world in which we live. While using the sauna, it’s not recommended that you use electronics, do any strenuous physical activity, or use anything that could be damaged by the heat or steam, so what you’re left with is a good 20 to 25 minutes all to yourself. Use this time to relax, unwind and de-stress.

De-stressing is very important for your mind and your body, so we’ve got a few recommendations to help you relax and unwind a little bit more and make the most of your sauna sessions.



Something that may really help you take advantage of the time to relax, is adding music to your sauna session. Listening to music can have several benefits for your health, specifically, classical music. This music slows down the heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and even decreases the stress hormone levels in your body. The heat from your sauna can also help lower your blood pressure and as music works to relax your mind, your sauna will work to relax your muscles to give you an overall calming and enjoyable experience in your sauna.



With or without music, meditation is another form of relaxation that you can use during your sauna session. The requirement of being “unplugged” during your sauna session creates the perfect atmosphere for meditation and not only that, meditation can be enhanced by the intense heat of a sauna.

After you’ve settled into a comfortable, upright position in the sauna, focus on the hot air moving through your body, loosening your muscles and allowing you to release extra stress. Try to clear your mind of outside thoughts, and focus on being in the moment. You can also visualize negative energy and toxins being released from your body. By focusing on any of these things, your relaxation from meditation will work with the heat of the sauna to help both your mind and body relax.


Deep Breathing:

Similar to meditation, deep breathing allows you to release extra stress from your mind and body during your sauna session. To effectively master this technique might take some practice, but start by sitting silently and focusing solely on your breathing patterns. It is recommended to breathe in and out of your mouth at a slow pace, taking in each breath and feeling the hot air. This heat will work to relax your muscles, as the inhalation and exhalation process will also work to release stress. If you allow yourself to think about your breathing patterns, your mind is less likely to be distracted by lingering thoughts from stressors in your life.

Try and take each moment in your sauna to relax and let yourself be free from stress and anxiety that may be present in your life. These methods and the heat from your sauna will work well together to help you get the most relaxation out of every sauna session.



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