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Infrared Heaters and Fireplaces


Infrared room heaters and fireplaces are currently very popular. These innovative products are gaining popularity due to the safe, beneficial heat they deliver. In fact, the sought-after design of the fireplace room heater in particular is showing up in more and more homes across the country each year.

These infrared quartz heaters are a revolutionary portable heat source design. Infrared heat is safe, healthy, and therapeutic, offering many benefits for users beyond the average room heater. Quality infrared room heaters should never feel hot to the touch. They do not emit any fumes or harmful matter into the air like typical home heating systems, and quartz room heaters do not dehydrate the air. Some even sanitize or purify the air!

Electrically heated infrared heaters radiate up to 86 percent of their input as radiant energy. Nearly all the electrical energy input is converted into infrared radiant heat in the filament and directed onto the product by reflectors. Infrared heaters are much more energy efficient than most space heaters, utilizing most of the electricity and energy that is emitted.

Infrared heater designs are constantly evolving, and you can now choose anywhere from micro portable heaters to beautiful infrared fireplace room installations. Both will keep you warm during the colder months, or simply give you the excuse to cozy up with that special someone.

Portable room heaters are perfect for single places like offices, garages, workshops, basements, and cool spots in your home. They work in collaboration with an in-home heating system, heating rooms that are not used often in order to conserve energy. If used collectively, you can cut some of your heating bills in half by strategically utilizing infrared room heaters in some unused rooms or spaces within your dwelling in place of heating every room in your house.

Check out SaunasAndStuff.com’s quartz infrared room heater to stay warm in the winter months, or cuddle up by the infrared quartz fireplace room heater and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

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