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Sauna Heater Features

Tylö heaters are the pinnacle of sauna technology. The difference in class really begins to show once the heater is switched on.

Tylo Deluxe 7

Electrical Configurations/Output

  • 240v, 7.0 kW, 30 amps
  • 208v, 5.3 kW, 26 amps
  • Requires external digital or analog control panel.
  • For saunas from 175 to 320 cubic feet.
  • 18" W x 17" H x 12.5" D
  • Sauna rocks included with heater.

Tylö Sauna Heater Choices

Tylö heater controls. Sauna rocks included with heater.

Note: When installing a Controller, it is mounted outside of the sauna, not in the hot room.
TS 30-01 Sauna Heater Control TS 30-01
A mechanical control that includes a 60 minute timer, mechanical thermostat, and a pilot lamp.

RB-30 Relay Box

RB 30 Relay Box
Computerized control relay box.

Required when using a Deluxe 7-11 heater with any of the digital control panels below.

CC-10 sauna controller

1 hour run time w/10 hour preset time in 1 hour intervals. Light diodes indicate settings.

CC-50 sauna controller

Some time programming capabilities as well as a digital temperature settings.

CC-300 sauna controller

Advanced model with multiple run times and 24/7 programming capabilities as well as a digital temperature settings. Also has 4 energy saving stand-by modes.

CC-300 sauna controller

CC300T - (tylarium control) This digital Steam/Sauna control is the most advanced model having multiple run times and 24 hour/7 day a week programming capabilities as well as digital temperature settings and humidity settings. This model also has 4 energy saving stand-by modes to lower the temperature when you know people will not be using the sauna.

Sauna Heater Options

Bucket comes with a plastic liner. Use to drizzle water on your sauna heater rocks to steam things up.

Sauna Bucket and Ladle

Don't get too hot. Keep an eye on the temperature with our sauna wall thermometer.

Sauna Wall Thermometer

Time your sauna session with our old style sauna sand timer. Times 15 minutes, screws to wall so it can be rotated / flipped.

Sauna Sand Timer

Get comfortable with one of our cedar headrests.

Sauna Cedar Headrest

Deluxe 7 Tylo Sauna Heater

Availability: Discontinued

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