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  • 4' x 5' Pre-Cut Sauna Room4' x 5' Pre-Cut Sauna Room
  • Pre-Cut Sauna Standard FeaturesPre-Cut Sauna Standard Features
  • More Pre-Cut Sauna Standard FeaturesMore Pre-Cut Sauna Standard Features
  • Wall Slat DirectionWall Slat Direction
  • Door Jamb SizingDoor Jamb Sizing
  • Bench Front Skirting OptionBench Front Skirting Option
  • Venting an Indoor Sauna RoomVenting an Indoor Sauna Room


  • "Stud to Stud" dimensions
  • "Stud to Stud" dimensions
  • "Stud to Stud" dimensions
  • "Stud to Stud" dimensions
  • Custom Room Sizes

Pre-Cut Sauna Standard Features

Easy-assembly, Pre-Cut sauna room includes:
• Grade A and better clear select Western Red Cedar for its natural resistance to decay.
• Foil Heat Barrier
• Cedar for interior walls, ceiling, trim and baseboards
   - 1/2" thick x 4" (3.5" visible) wide "V Groove" tongue and groove
• Pre-assembled cedar duckboards for floor walk area
• Pre-hung door, door stop, trim and door handles
• Pre-assembled benches (20 Inches Deep), bench supports and cedar fascia
   - 1" x 4" bench tops on 2" x 4" framing
• Eased edges on all benches and trim, using vertical grain material for stability
• Blind fastening for all floor grids
• 3 Cedar Wood Vent Grills (4.5” high x 9 5/8” wide, with a Rough Opening = 3”H x 7¼W)
• 1 Cedar Wood Open/Close Vent (4 ¾ x 16” with a Rough Opening = 2¾"H x 7”W)
Warranty: 5 Years Residential, 1 Year Commercial

Standard Sauna Accessories Package:
($290.00 Value - Free with sauna purchase)

Sauna Accessories

Sauna thermometer

Sauna rocks

Sauna light

Water bucket and ladle

Head rest
Pre-Cut Sauna Installation Guide

Pre-Cut Sauna Door Choices

Door is Pre-Hung in a Door frame and includes interior Cedar Casing.
Include wall thickness in your order info, for proper depth of frame.
Comes complete with spring hinges and wooden door handles.

Doors are 24" wide by 80" tall.
Rough Opening is 26" wide by 82" tall.

Standard Sauna Door Standard Door
(included in package price)

Clear 16" x 60" Rectangle CLEAR tempered Thermopane glass.
Optional Sauna Doors
Cedar Sauna Door 1 Door D1
Cedar Door with a Clear 16"x 36" Thermopane glass.
  Cedar Sauna Door 2 Door D2
Cedar door with a Clear 16" x 60" Thermopane glass.
Cedar Sauna Door 3 Door D3
All glass tempered door. Very little tint (No spring hinge on glass door)
  Cedar Sauna Door 4 Door D4
Cedar door with a 9" diamond tempered glass.
Cedar Sauna Door 5 Door D5
Cedar blank door (No glass).
  Cedar Sauna Door 6 Door D6
Cedar door with a 9" Square tempered glass.

Tylö Sauna Heater Choices

Today’s Tylö heaters are the pinnacle of sauna technology. The difference in class really begins to show once the heater is switched on.
Sauna Heater Rocks Included.

Tylo Sense Sport Heater

Controls located at the bottom front panel.

240v, 4.7kW 30 amp breaker. Controls on Heater. For saunas up to 210 cubic feet.
240v, 7kW, 40 amp breaker. For saunas from 175 to 320 cubic feet.
240v, 8.3kW, 40 amp breaker. Controls on Heater. For saunas from 275 - 440 cubic feet.
Tylo Sense Plus Sauna Heater SENSE PLUS U-7
240v, 7kw, 40 amp breaker. Includes Digital External Control. For saunas 175-320 cubic feet.
240v, 8.3kw, 40 amp breaker. Includes Digital External Control. For saunas 275-440 cubic.
Tylo Combi Heater

Combi models have an added Steam Generator Feature for Maximum Humidity

240v, 7kw, 40 amp breaker. Includes Digital External Control. For saunas 175-320 cubic feet.
240v, 8.3kw, 40 amp breaker. Includes Digital External Control. For saunas 275-440 cubic.

Options to Customize your Sauna

Cedar Sauna Lamp Shade Add a Cedar Shade for the Wall Mount Light that comes with your sauna
Full Bench Length Horizontal Backrest (has slight angle)
Horizontal Backrest
Contoured Backrest Full Bench Length Curved Backrest
Sauna Sand Timers

And More Sauna Options

Bench Front Skirting

Give your benches a finished look.
Skirting closes off front of upper and lower benches

Cedar Bench Skirting
Cedar Heater Guard Cedar Heater Guard
Cedar Magazine Rack
Cedar Magazine Rack
Cedar Corner Shelf

Cedar Corner Shelf

Designed to hold the bucket and ladle, essences or even drinks in the sauna.
The back corner is notched to clear the corner trim.

Sauna Bench Oil

For treating benches and other wood inside the sauna. Makes cleaning easier and protects wood with a special water-repellent film. 1 liter bottle.

Sauna Bench Oil
Sauna Towel Bars

4 Peg Cedar Towel Bar


Luxurious Lined Unisex Sauna / Spa Robe


Glass Sauna Room Door

4' x 5' x 7' Pre-Cut Sauna Kit


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