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  • Tylo CC300 Digital ControlTylo CC300 Digital Control


  • This digital control is an advanced model having multiple run times and 24 hour/7 day a week programming capabilities as well as a digital temperature settings.
  • This model also has 4 energy saving stand-by modes to lower the temperature when you know people will not be using the sauna.
  • Use with Relay Box 30 or Relay Box 60 configurations, or SE-U heaters.


Relay Box

Tylo RB30

RB 30

Computerized control relay box that that is compatible with a Deluxe 7-11 heater.

Tylo RB60

RB 60

Computerized control relay box that will handle the amperage of the Deluxe 16 heater.

Tylo CC300 Digital Sauna Control

Availability: Discontinued