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All doors leading to the installation zone are a minimum of 29” wide (Model LM) or 24” in wide (Model L). The installation zone where the product will be installed has at least 3x6ft of floor space within 10 feet of the plumbing lines around the water heater

The floor of the installation zone is either concrete, or a reinforced floor able to support a water tank - 850 pounds (Model LM) or 650 pounds (Model L)

The installation zone is located in either an air-conditioned room or a vented room to dissipate heat

The installation zone has access to a 115v outlet with a dedicated 20 amp breaker

The plumbing that will deliver the SILIENT chilled water must be insulated, or you are willing to accept the risks of condensation in the walls during chilled water delivery. The hom must not be plumbed with polybutylene piping

2.4 gHz wifi signal is present and strong in the installation zone

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