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sauna sweating

  • The Benefits of a Good Sauna Sweat


    As a rule, “sweat” tends to have a bad connotation. Perhaps that’s because we take so many measures against it. We use deodorant, blast air conditioners to keep from perspiring, pat our bodies dry with thick terrycloth towels, and even don active wear that wicks sweat away from our skin.

    But an “intentional” sweat is a key part of a healthy regimen. Incorporating a good sauna session will provide numerous benefits.

    Our Top Five Favorite Things About Saunas:

    1. They offer a very effective means of eliminating toxins from the body. We are exposed to more toxins than any of us are aware. (If we focused too much on them we would likely never leave the house!) However, because the skin is porous, it affords the perfect “medium” to literally transport toxins.

    2. In the same way the human body naturally develops a fever to increase metabolism in an effort to ward off viruses; similarly, a sauna session can improve blood circulation and help bring oxygen to tissues. It also helps to clear nasal passages and drain clogged sinuses.

    3. Infrared saunas in particular are especially effective at removing toxins from the body. Their dry and warming energy heats deep tissues and enhances the metabolic processes.

    4. Drinking plenty of water to replenish lost fluids is part of a healthy regime, but a great “side effect” of incorporating consistent sauna sessions is embracing the importance of water throughout the day.

    5. There are also reported benefits for those suffering from arthritis and muscle strain.

    If you’ve never tried a sauna before, you will likely find it an activity you’ll wish to incorporate into a consistent regimen. Similar to the feeling of a runner’s high or the tranquility and “destressification” realized after a nice, long swim….the relaxation and detoxification you’ll feel will have you wanting to find more time to fit additional sauna sessions into your week.


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